ASCEND Roaring 2020’S NYE Soiree
Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi

Ascend Prime invites you to don your swankiest ensembles and step back in time to experience the most glamorous period of all, the roaring 20’s. This prohibition-era soiree will tickle your senses as you delve into a decade of decadence, where jazz ruled, flappers danced the night away, and speakeasies reigned. Watch while Ascend transforms into a luxurious backdrop for this glittering affair with sweeping views of Bellevue and Seattle from 31 floors up. Evoke your inner audacious personality as you gamble at the casino, sip on secret cocktails in the “underground” speakeasy, sonder around amongst the burlesque dancers, live DJ’s, and indulge in the lavish excess of the 20s. Don't forget to dine on delectable bites and secure a VIP table with prime views of the night's entertainment, and enjoy as we conclude the evening with a grandiose display of fireworks. Don’t miss this opportunity to travel back in time and immerse yourself in an era of excess, whilst experiencing the beginnings of a new decade and the new year.

12/31 from 8 pm - 1 am.

31 Dec 2019