ViVo 53

Vivo 53 offers artisan pizza and pasta made with integrity. Crave-worthy cocktails and Italian inspired-dishes are served in a buzzing, inviting atmosphere. The menu at Vivo 53 focuses on handcrafted artisan pizza. The flavorful crust serves as the base for rich cheeses, house-cured meats and fresh vegetables. Pizza types range from burrata to crispy pancetta to spicy Kobe meatballs. The unique dough took 53 attempts, 3 master bakers and 4 years to perfect. Along with handcrafted pizzas, durum pastas are served in a pentola (decorative Italian pot), topped with fresh provola mozzarella di bufala, a creamy San Marzano tomato sauce and fresh herbs. Highlights include VIVO lasagna and fettuccini truffle Bolognese.

Guests watch their food come to life in the restaurant’s heart, the theatre kitchen. Diners can expect a modern, unique setting with warm lighting and an energetic atmosphere.


North East Parking Garage