Gift Wrap Helpers

December 13, 2018
Ribbon organizer box

Now you have your gifts you’ve purchased for friends and family, or maybe you don’t, either way you will need to eventually wrap all those gifts. What may seem like a tricky task for some, can be made easier with a few tools to make the job easier.

Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer

A hanging gift wrap organizer is a space saving and easy way to access all of your gift wrap and accoutrements. What makes it great is that it holds everything, from multiple rolls of wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbon, tissue paper and the other side of the organizer is perfect for storing gift bags. There are so many pockets that it’s easy to find what you need.

Find this at The Container Store in Lincoln Square North for $22.99.

Hanging gift wrap organizer

Ribbon Organizer

If you have rolls of ribbon that you prefer were tidier and easier to deal with, then get yourself a ribbon organizer. This one keeps your unruly rolls all together and easily spools the amount of ribbon you need.

Find this at The Container Store in Lincoln Square North for $11.99.

Ribbon organizer box

Reusable Ribbon Bands

For those who may not be as gifted (yes, pun intended) at wrapping gifts, these silicone ribbons can be stretched around a gift box and ready to go. Plus, they can be reused by each giftee over and over again.

Find this at The Container Store in Lincoln Square North for $6.99 (10 pack).

Elastic reusable ribbon bands wrapped around small boxes.

Measure, Cut & Tape

These last two items will make your actual wrapping so much easier. Never know how much paper to cut and hate having to keep a steady hand to get a clean line? The WrapMaster Paper Cutter helps you figure out both. The measurements shown help you figure how much paper you need there’s even an easy tutorial if you’re not sure how.

Finish the job by taping it together with this handsfree dispenser, so your wrapping roll doesn’t get bogged down by going back to the dispenser when you can literally have it at your fingertips. Easy!

Find this at The Container Store in Lincoln Square North for $15.99 (WrapMaster Paper Cutter) & $4.99 (Hands-Free Tape Dispenser).

Wrap Master measure and paper cutter and a handheld tape dispenser.

The hardest thing about giving gifts should be finding the perfect item and not thinking about the work to wrap them. These tools will help wrapping a gift feel easy and simple.

Find more gift wrap options and more at Papyrus in Bellevue Square and Paper Source in Lincoln Square North.

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