New October Flavors at Lady Yum

Enjoy delicious new seasonal flavors every day in October at Lady Yum.

This month's flavors include:
- Black Magic: A spin on the magic cookie bar, but with an activated charcoal shell instead of graham cracker and corn flakes mixed into the coconut filling. (GF)

- Ube: Also known as purple yam, this macaron is filled with Halaya (ube jam) made with sweetened condensed milk and sugar. (GF)

- Pear Frangipane: Juicy pear with fragrant almond buttercream. (GF)

- Gooey Butter Cake: A rich, tender cake crust topped with a sweet cream cheese layer that's baked until golden. (Contains Gluten)

  • - Pumpkin Spice Latte: A seasonal favorite - think Starbucks latte, in a macaron! The perfect pairing.


1 - 31 Oct 2023